10 Important Difference Between PC And Mac (Tabular Form)

What is the difference between PC and Mac?

For more than 35 years, there has been a war between Mac and PC users. Which one, though, is genuinely better for your job? There is no right or wrong answer, but we’ve outlined the key difference between PC and Mac kbelow to help you decide.

In general, macOS is thought to be more basic, streamlined, and elegant, whereas Windows is thought to be more sophisticated, feature-rich, and customizable.

There are also physical distinctions in that Macs are only manufactured by Apple, whereas PCs are manufactured by a variety of firms. This is reflected in the price, with Macs being more expensive on average, and the quality of Macs being deemed more stable and stylish.

When Apple switched from PowerPC to Intel processors in the mid-2000s, the hardware gap between the two systems narrowed substantially.

In general, macOS is thought to be more basic, streamlined, and elegant, whereas Windows is thought to be more sophisticated, feature-rich, and customizable.

While Apple’s overall profitability are boosted by sales of iPhones, iPods, and iPads, Macs only account for around 8% of all computers sold worldwide.

Although Macs and other computers that run various variants of Linux are technically PCs, the name PC has become synonymous with devices that run the Microsoft Windows operating system. Apple has created its own operating system, which is considerably distinct from Windows.

What is PC?

A personal computer that runs the Windows operating system is referred to as a PC. PCs are compatible with a variety of operating systems, the most prominent of which is Microsoft Windows. UNIX variations such as Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris are among the others.

A central processor unit and memory are usually required for a computer. The processing unit is in charge of performing arithmetic and logic operations, while the sequencing and control unit is in charge of changing the sequence of operations based on stored data.

Another benefit of PCs is the wide range of hardware options available to consumers. A regular PC, a gaming PC, a multimedia PC, or any other configuration are all possible.

What is Mac?

Macintosh, or simply Mac, is a brand name that encompasses a number of Apple Inc. designed, developed, and marketed personal computer lines.

The combination of Mac hardware and software, which was the first to popularize the graphical user interface (GUI), has created a simplicity of use that consumers have enjoyed over the years.

Apple’s ‘Mac OS X’ operating system is pre-installed on all Macs, while it is possible to partition the hard drive and install Windows on models built after 2006.

Macs can do all of the same main duties as PCs, including word processing, music and video playback, gaming, internet access, and more. However, most functionalities require apps that are not available on a PC.

Difference Between PC and Mac: PC VS Mac

Personal Computer designed and developed by Mocrosoft Incorporation.Stands ForMacintosh. Personal computer designed and developed by Apple Incorporation.
PC was released in the year 1985.Released InMac was released in the year 2001.
Cheaper than MacCostExpensive than PC.
Windows operating system and Linux.Operating SystemUnix-based operating system.
Less secureSecurityMore Secure
Best for hardcore PC gamersGamingCannot compete in gaming.
MS Office, VLC media player, chrome browser, etc.Popular ApplicationFacetime, iTunes, Safari, etc.
Intel and AMD processorsSupported ArchitectureIntel processors, Apple Silicon
More popular hence more malware written to target them. Linux has less malware.Virus AttacksLess popular hence less malware written to target them.
Late release of drivers has reduced stability and performance in PC.PerformanceGreater performance and stability as Apple controls the hardware and software.
Better customer support with large number of Apple store.Customer SupportThere are not as mush Microsoft stores.
Skype, facebook and twitter.MessagingiMessage, google talk, etc.
CortonaVoice commandsSiri
Windows 10Latest Operating SystemmacOS Big Sur
Not attractive as Mac does.LooksAttractive
Easy with diverse array of applications.Content creationLittle bit hard for creating content.

Why is Windows slow compared to Mac?

  • The operating system for Macs was conceived, engineered, and optimized specifically for that hardware design. Windows, on the other hand, uses a variety of hardware combinations, which makes it slower.
  • The Mac has fewer apps, whereas the Windows PC has many third-party services operating in the background, making it slower than the Mac.
  • Apple was one of the first firms to adopt solid-state drives (SSDs), which they did with the early MacBook Airs and even the entry-level 2012 Retina Macbook Pros.
  • It’s obvious that the OS X model works better because of better code. Better performance implies less overhead.
  • Apple invests millions of dollars in research and development each year to improve its operating systems.


The operating system on the Mac is macOS, while the operating system on Windows is Windows OS.

Boot Camp is a built-in software on every Mac that allows you to install Windows on your machine. You can partition your hard drive between Windows and Mac OS X if you wish to run both operating systems on the same machine.

PCs are more prone to malware and security risks than Macs. Furthermore, Macs receive superior general support than PCs. PCs, on the other hand, are significantly more diverse than Macs.

When it comes to corporate purposes, windows is preferred over mac, but when it comes to social standing and signature, mac is preferred.

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